Sungazing at Sunrise and Sunset in Miami

Sungazing at sunrise and sunset is a great thing to do in Miami! Sergio, my husband, and I started sungazing and we now look forward each day to do this activity both at sunrise and sunset. Sungazing did not hurt our eyes. I was able to maintain my eyes completely open and Sergio kept his eyes slightly opened, as this was his personal preference while looking directly at the sun. I was curious to learn more about sungazing and according to Global Health Center, sungazing increases:

  • Melatonin and serotonin production, our “feel-good” hormones;
  • Energy levels;
  • Size of the pineal gland and;
  • Weight loss.

The sungazing benefits sound wonderful to us and we look forward to feel and see the results! Also, we love that sungazing is an activity one may do alone by oneself or with family and friends.

Watch video below from today’s sungazing activity in Miami. If you have practiced or will practice sungazing at sunrise and/or sunset, we would love to know about your experience.

Note: This blog article is shared for information purposes only and should not be substituted for advice from your doctor.


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